But in today`s world, almost every object you touch, every device, can, bottle, and box of cereal is largely unknown, which you simply accept as reasonable and useful and without further investigation. We wrap in a car, turn the key and it leaves, we learn to drive and add fuel and most of us just take it to have it serviced because we have no idea what`s going on under the skin of the machine. And so with your phone, which would be considered magical at any other time and which was science fiction in 1963 when we saw Star Trek on TV. I would like the ventilation and consent to work and for me to move away from such calls and feel better. The chord creates and confirms positions and ventilation strengthens neural pathways. I left the call angry and helpless, planted in a clearly defined posture. Whenever I do myself good and someone else gets it wrong, the alarm bells finally ring. There is no possibility if the positions are fixed. Just a drop of doubt can allow the possibility of working to enter the room. Curiosity builds bridges between us. „God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I can`t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.“ Once I understand what is in my power, I can create an action plan to do it as soon as possible. When I`m not ready to take the necessary steps to feel better, I recognize it and pray or meditate to be ready.

I often hear people talk about what`s going on in their heads, as if their thoughts are a reality. I just did it for over an hour the other day. I knew what I was doing, and I stuck to it because I had free time. „An idle mind is the devil`s playground,“ the devil tells me every time. Talking to your friends or shrinking will only be helpful if they are brave enough to offer a different perspective. An agreement will strengthen your position and keep you in mind. In your head, you are dead. . especially if he doesn`t read/talk about it with someone else. This is important because the spiral of silence is only about perceptions and not about true reality. Your friend must think that the majority did not like the movie. If he discovers that you and your delicate friends are a minority, he can go back to his original opinion.

« The reality of coherence is the knowledge that has been acquired because others tell you that it is. » After a little circular moment in my head, I called a friend on the pretext that I needed her opinion. I didn`t really care about their comments; I just wanted to run the ribbon of my internal dialogue. The peculiarities were that I felt that a teacher in one of my children`s schools was treating something badly. My friend listened politely, agreed, and then threw some of her opinions into the fire. My friend`s well-intentioned participation and approval solidified my story and what started as a flame turned into a campfire. We analyzed the teacher`s personality and motivations and looked at what was happening from different angles. Finally, we raised the objective and made the problem more systematic, a selection of the most important problems that occur in school. Our continuous agreement fueled the fire again and again, we settled around him and roasted the resentment in the right tones. We live in a world of reality okay, it happens all the time around us.