Clubs can require the 2004 drafts at a maximum salary of $984,200 and the 2003 drafts at a maximum salary of $942,400. These salaries are based on a 24% rollback on the lower maximum salary than the previous CBA for the players` respective draft years. In addition, conscripts from previous years can negotiate a signing bonus that does not exceed 30% of his maximum annual remuneration. Performance bonuses can be negotiated in accordance with the new rules of the CBA. In July, the NHL and the National Hockey League Players` Association agreed to a six-year extension to their collective agreement. In these incredibly dangerous times, this was great news for hockey fans, as it meant a work truce until 2026. One player said there was an „overwhelming unity“ among NHL members. Wednesday`s events have sent things off the rails and players will need a few days to regroup. They are angry and feel betrayed. The NHL was, somewhat strangely, in good shape to go to the CBA negotiations.

50/50 revenue sharing is something the owners didn`t have to renegotiate, and the players had a bit of influence to optimize the details without significantly affecting the overall system. The players had two main concerns, Escrow and the Olympics, and the owners gave in on both points. In general, players are entitled to salary arbitration after four years instead of three in the league. For the first time, clubs also have the right to choose a salary arbitration for two categories of players. For players earning more than 1.5 million $US their previous year, clubs have the right to choose a salary arbitration rather than a qualifying offer. Clubs also have the right to choose a salary arbitration for other players in Group 2 who have chosen not to put the club before arbitration. „If we made this deal before the pandemic started, and the league comes in and says they need short-term relief in exchange for something, it`s a completely different situation than we have now,“ said an NHL player agent. Yes…..