A practitioner may not charge a fee for the establishment of a separately established fee account unless the application is made by a non-associated third-party payer. See s171 of the Single Act on Definitions of Terms Relating to Third Party Payers. Practitioners must ensure that there is evidence that a client has agreed to the terms of a cost agreement. Article 179-180 of the Single Act describes in detail the conditions of a cost agreement. Before signing a conditional cost agreement, a client must be informed of their right to obtain independent legal advice on the effect of the contract. Given the cash flow constraints imposed by small firms, it may be possible to impose strict and priority payment conditions (e.g. B payment of the account seven or fourteen days after receipt), which should be clearly specified to the customer and included in the cost agreement. 2. Instructions received before July 1, 2015 Cost offers and cost agreements as well as contractual letters used by the law firm before July 1, 2015 – Form 3 with fiduciary account and interest rate notice (for members only) If a person requests a complaint from the Statutory Services Commissioner or requests a cost review by the Costs Court, a recovery procedure may not be continued or if- before S194.

Click here to access the corresponding cost scales. Proactive cost management is one of the best safeguards against customer disputes, as a delay in paying accounts can be an indication of customer dissatisfaction or a customer`s inability to pay legal fees. .