The worker has received a copy of the employer`s directive on drug- and alcohol-free workplaces and includes all the provisions of the directive. The worker undertakes to comply with their provisions. This directive was introduced to make available to employees and students guidelines prohibiting the use of drugs and alcoholic beverages on the university site, during the normal course of employment or during the conduct of university transactions. The directive also describes the methods of maintaining a work environment free from the effects of alcohol/drug abuse or other substances affecting the mind or body, and informs faculty staff and professionals and students that they must register for work and perform assigned tasks without physical or mental impairment that allow them: perform the essential functions of their work would be unduly affected. As a general rule, an employer may only require workers and other workers to accept alcohol or drug tests if this is a prerequisite for their appointment and in the employment contract or employment directives. Employees who test positive or otherwise infringe this Directive shall be subject to disciplinary discipline up to and including dismissal.