Normally, the lawyer will make the opening statement and present the company`s views at a joint meeting, but convincing opening statements can also be made by executives. In any case, the leader should play a leading role when it comes to discussing business interests and examining opportunities for comparison. All participants should be encouraged to speak freely. The company advisor, who can be an in-house or external lawyer, plays a crucial role: one of the main features of mediation is that each party can discuss with the Mediator certain confidential information that it would not disclose to the other party. A skilled mediator is often able to identify hidden interests and resolution alternatives that would not have been taken into account in unsupported negotiations and that can help overcome obstacles to settlement. ZCCM Investments Holdings plc v Konkola Copper Mines plc provides some useful tips ([2017] EWHC 3288 (Comm)). An acceleration clause provided that in the event of a breach of the settlement agreement by the defendant, all sums not paid under this agreement were to be accelerated and paid within five working days of the breach. The interest would then be due to the Libor (London Interbank Offered Rate) increased by 10% per year.