[10] Most parliamentary democracies require an annual state budget, a appropriation law, or occasional financial measures that must be passed by Parliament in order for a government to pay for its route and implement its policy. The failure of a delivery invoice is indeed the same as the failure of a request for trust. In early England, withholding funds was one of the few ways in which Parliament controlled the monarch. On November 2, 2018 (less than two months after the 2018 New Brunswick general election), the Legislative Assembly voted 25 to 23 for a Progressive Conservative motion to amend the Speech from the Throne so as not to declare confidence in the government. Premier Brian Gallant then hinted at his intention to step down as prime minister and recommended that the Lieutenant Governor give PC leader Blaine Higgs the mandate to form a minority government: „I will visit the Lieutenant Governor as soon as possible to inform her that I will resign as Prime Minister, and I will humbly propose to him to allow the leader of the Conservative Party, to form a government and try to win the trust of the house. People`s Alliance leader Kris Austin said he would work with the new government „in areas where we agree,“ repeating his promise to help the Progressive Conservatives hold confidence votes for an 18-month period. Opposition parties must now have 14 days to form a government and if their alternative coalition can win a vote of confidence in the House of Commons, they will take over without an election. .