But they haven`t done anything for more than three months to get a new deal. Jeśli chodzi o umowy, zapewne część z Was zna bardzo popularny skrót SPA – Share Purchase Agreement. Natomiast skrót CBA w Legal English może oznaczać Collective Bargaining Agreement. Zwróćcie też uwagę na synonimy «collective bargaining agreement», jakie podaje Black`s Law Dictionary tj. 199 1996 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 1999 If the repair was carried out under a service contract, see point 2.7. Q. Since there was no new contractual agreement, was the old one renewed? But what happens when you choose one and can`t make a deal with it? » Is it possible to enter into a contractual agreement that includes accommodation, body care, health care and support services? Widać to świetnie na naszym przykładzie, bo „labour agreement“ to będzie zbiorowy układ pracy, podczas gdy „employment agreement“, „employment contract“, „contract of employment` to umowa o pracę, czyli w tym przypadku ewidentnie „employment“ dotyczy indywidualnych relacji między pracownikiem a pracodawcą, zaś „labor“ relacji zbiorowych między pracodawcą a zorganizowaną grupą przedstawicieli pracowników. The schools failed to agree to play again. In early fall, both the city and the union said they were optimistic about reaching a contractual agreement. Members of the House of Representatives said they felt an agreement was near. In the end, the baseball players and owners made the intelligence and learned a contract without a strike. Some information was provided: it did not keep its share of the agreement.

With this week`s labor agreement, the city has signed about two-thirds of its labor force. He was the first pick in the Tampa draft to make a mistake with the club.` contract agreement. We really had more or less an agreement directly gone. The first step towards providing SLAs is to create a catalog of the services provided. Services are made in groups that are then, until a complete product – the definition of the service – is finally produced. Based on the defined service, the service settings are specified in the SLA.