NOTE that, with a view to the United Kingdom`s orderly exit from the EU, lasting arrangements must also be made in separate protocols attached to this agreement, which deal with very specific situations concerning Ireland/Northern Ireland and the basic sovereign territories in Cyprus, obligations arising from the Member States acting on their behalf by the Union or the Member States acting jointly, to the extent that they relate to the exchange of goods between the Union and third countries, and which provide for setting the terms of the United Kingdom`s exit from the Eu-Eu and Euratom, taking into account the framework of their future relations, contain provisions which the complainant intends to suspend. Before deciding to suspend parts of an agreement covered in point (b), the complainant first considers whether the suspension of the provision of this agreement in point (a) would be an appropriate response to the offence. Any stay is proportionate to the breach of the undertaking at issue, given the seriousness of the violation and the rights at issue and, if the stay is based on the respondent`s continued non-compliance with the arbitration panel`s recourse under section 173, if the respondent was bound and paid or is still paid by the respondent. PROTOCOLE ON IRELAND / NORTHERN IRELAND Replacement of the texts of the NI Protocol agreed at the negotiating level for: – The Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland, enshrined in the Withdrawal Agreement, and the resulting technical adjustments to Article 184 „Negotiations on Future Relations“ and Article 185 „Entry into force and implementation“ of the Withdrawal Agreement […] 2. EU obligations under EU trade guarantee law apply in the United Kingdom where the tendering, contracting or contracting procedure for the classified contract, classified sub-contract or exclusion case was initiated before the end of the transition period. CONSIDERING that the United Kingdom and the Eu must take all necessary measures to begin as soon as possible the effective date of this agreement, the formal negotiations of one or more agreements relating to their future relations in order to ensure that these agreements apply, where possible, from the end of the transitional period in order to facilitate the most efficient transfer of these equipment, the United Kingdom and the Community take the necessary legal steps to free the Community from its obligations and commitments under its agreement of 25 March 1994 with British Nuclear Fuels PLC (now Sellafield Ltd).