(b) this agreement was freely negotiated between the contracting parties, each of whom received independent legal advice; accordingly, the parties agree that no party of any other party will be required to exercise due diligence and that no party is required, in any way, to make any oral statement to another party or by other means during the negotiations leading to the exchange of this agreement. , unless they are expressly included in this agreement or fraudulently included. „This letter includes and must be the definitive expression of the parties` agreement and is a complete and exclusive statement of applicable terms and conditions, which replaces all prior agreements or assurances, written or written, as well as any other oral or written communication between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement.“ They agreed that they were not trustees in the negotiations and that „this agreement replaces all previous written and oral agreements and agreements.“ (a) this agreement and the transaction documents contain the parties` full agreement and understanding of the sale and purchase of the sale shares and support and anenitance all previous agreements between the parties with respect to the sale and purchase; The federal agreement replaces an agreement the distribution company had reached with the State of Florida. They signed a cooperation agreement that was replaced in 2008. 1 Merger clauses are also referred to as „integration clauses“ or „full contractual clauses.“ The typical wording of such a clause is: (c) it is reasonable for each party to consider that it is not based on oral representation, unless the other contracting parties have requested or included oral statements in this agreement, and that these oral statements are expressly included in this agreement or have been incorporated into that agreement. (a) where a written contract contains a clause stating that the document contains all contractual clauses („merger clause,“ „full contractual clause“), previous statements, commitments or agreements not included in the document are not part of the contract. This agreement, as well as the transaction documents, constitutes the entire agreement between the parties on all matters covered in this agreement. The parties acknowledge that this agreement was negotiated on the basis: this agreement replaced the provisions of the GATT, the appeal group decided on Monday. 2 Such a clause is intended to ensure that only the provisions of the written contract constitute the agreement between the parties.

The merger clause is intended to ensure legal certainty in the performance of the contract, as it prevents one of the parties from returning after the signing of the contract and states that the written agreement is not complete.