We may charge additional Fees for cross-border transactions or foreign exchange services. In addition to the Fees, you are also responsible for any penalties or fines imposed on you or Stripe by any bank, money services business, payment network, financial institution, or other financial intermediary (each a „Financial Services Provider Provider“ resulting from your use of Payment Services in a manner not permitted by this Agreement or a Financial Provider`s rules and regulations. Data transfers. We may disclose your Personal Information (as that term is defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) to our related entities or third parties located in countries where the laws on the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Information are less stringent or protective than Australia. If you enter this agreement, you consent to the disclosure of your Personal Information overseas and Australia Privacy Principle 8.1 (as set out in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) will not apply to this disclosure. a. Stripe Connect: The terms in this section apply only if you choose to connect your Stripe Account to a platform provider (each a „Platform“ using the Stripe Connect service. When you open a Stripe account, you can identify the financial information or information we use to identify you, your representatives, your executives, the real owners and others connected to your Stripe account. During the duration of the agreement, we may provide information about your Stripe account to financial service providers to verify your payment service, establish necessary accounts or credits with financial service providers, monitor fees and other activities, and verify risk management and compliance. We will check your Stripe account data and may perform other occasional checks to determine if you are entitled to use payment services. Stripe`s use of the information you provide to us under this agreement is described in more detail in Section D.

You can post product or service descriptions, inventory management units, prices, inventory, images and other information that detracts from your products or services and their derivatives (commonly referred to as „product data“) on online, mobile, external or connected channels („Apps“) via Stripe Relay. Stripe Relay also allows you to accept your customers` transactions through applications and allows you to manage inventory and purchase information for those transactions. This section refers to „Order Data“ data (defined in Section C) that is transmitted through your systems or systems that are made to initiate or complete a transaction for the purpose of completing or completing a transaction and that contains product data. You state that knowingly, you will not publish data on products that are false or misleading, that you will not use Stripe Relay to sell or sell illegal products or services through applications, and that you are alone in the production, execution, supply and delivery of services related to the transactions you receive in connection with your use of Stripe Relay are responsible. Stripe will provide you with the rates described in the schedule („Tariffs“) which are available here and are incorporated into this agreement. Prices include fees for transactions (such as processing a payment) and other events related to your stripe account (z.B the management of the offending fees).