The main contractor, the Interwest Carolina Transportation Group (ICTG), a team of engineers, contractors, contractors and other experts from South Carolina, was selected by SCDOT and entered into an agreement with SCDOT for the design and construction of the Southern Connector. The ICTG team included inter-management for overall management and coordination; Wilbur Smith Associates, Inc. and Florence- Hutcheson, Inc. for advance planning and design; Thrift Brothers for the construction of roads and bridges; Kutak Rock LLP for legal matters; Mesirow Financial and Lehman Brothers for financial and investment services; and Pan Inc. for the acquisition of the law. Interwest Management was responsible for all procurement work at Southern Connector. This included contacting all the companies involved, establishing previous rights, concluding agreements, coordinating work and paying for eligible relocations. Duke Power, BellSouth, Western Carolina Regional Sewer Authority, Greenville Water System, several cable television companies and several small water and sanitation companies were affected. The procurement work went very well for all design construction projects. However, CTDS has learned some things that may be useful to other countries, which are considering including utilities in their project construction projects.

27 IN 7 Peak Performance, SCDOT, Office of Communications, POSTFACH 191, Columbia, SC 29202. Website: Recognizing Ms. Peters` great success in collaboration with utilities, SCDOT has established a team that holds meetings with utility companies across the country. The purpose of these meetings is to update the Highway 27 in 7 improvement program; Provide utility companies with short- and long-term project lists and planning and budgeting objectives; Making information resources available for projects and to get feedback on partnership and communication efforts. The planned meetings are published on the scdot website ( under „Business with SCDOT“. In particular, a utility may require a containment permit and/or a supply contract to set up a utility or carry out work on a national highway. A utility company is defined as „any organization, organization, municipality, county, authority or other association that provides any type of utilities as compensation and is subject to South Carolina state law.“ SCDOT Utility Accommodation Manual (2011) S.C. Code Ann.

A utility company (developer) needs both a use agreement and a containment permit if they have previous rights to the land and pylons that infringe on national highway law. SCDOT Utility Accommodation Manual (2011) A developer requires a SCDOT procurement contract for all construction projects in which the distribution company (developer) demonstrates that it has prior rights to the project grounds. SCDOT Utility Accommodation Manual (2011) A pre-informed right is when the distribution company occupies a band of countries by paying for simple securities, facilities or other legal means. The supplier (developer) must prove its right to rights by providing a document (Utility Agreement) clearly showing the rights of the company before acquiring the right of priority from SCDOT. SCDOT Utility Accommodation Manual (2011) Major delays were not due to relocations.