the agreement between the ministry and the credit card issuer confirms that the department is solely responsible for all purchases made with credit card 4. A Mutual Tax Convention (RTA) is an agreement negotiated between the ministers of finance of the federal state and the federal states on the payment of certain taxes of the other under section 32 of the federal provincial tax law. In particular, an ATR defines the federal authorities` obligations to pay, collect, report and transfer certain provincial taxes, as well as provincial government obligations to pay, collect, report and transfer certain federal taxes. An ATR also includes a calendar A listing the departments that are eligible for the GST/HST exemption, either at the time of purchase or through a payment and recovery mechanism. All provinces and territories, with the exception of New Brunswick and Alberta, have signed ATRs. An employee of a Manitoba government department (the department), which is listed on SCHEDULE A of the UKZ-Manitoba RTA, purchases audiovisual equipment for use by the department. The employee pays for the purchase using a credit card issued on behalf of the department. The agreement between the department and the credit card issuer clearly states that the department must pay alone for all purchases made with the card. 21.

All provinces and territories with opposition to New Brunswick and Alberta have closed ATTs in which they have negotiated, among other things, how the province or territory concerned (and their listed units) are exempt from gst/HST when purchasing taxable goods and services. 26. Suppliers must charge GST/HST for their taxable deliveries of real estate or services to a provincial government agency that is entitled to GST/HST point relief (Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, the Northwest Territories and Yukon), unless the company meets the following two conditions: Fill in and fill in your form and e-mail, or fax. 31. The acquisition of taxable goods or services provided by employees of a company listed in its own name is subject to the GST/HST, even if the worker makes the purchase as part of the employment. Examples of this type of purchase include hotel and meal expenses incurred by employees of a publicly traded company during travel status. Companies listed in provinces and territories that are entitled to the exemption from the possibility of purchase cannot issue certificates of exemption attesting to the right to exemption from payment of the GST/HST for the acquisition of taxable goods and services of an employee on behalf of the employee. 19.

For more information on the types of agencies that can be set up by a government for the purposes of the law, see the GST/HST P-247 policy statement, which is „another government-created agency“ within the meaning of the Excise Act.