McAllister declined to disclose information about the deal and said he wanted to prevent misinformation from spreading. The two sides agreed on 9 .m. Details were not immediately available. UPDATE (September 28, 2:21 p.m.m PT) – Union officials said Saturday that they had reached a preliminary agreement with grocers that would benefit employees and end a week of boycotts of Fred Meyer stores. „During these meetings, you will discover all the details, ask questions and vote in favour of accepting or rejecting the interim agreement,“ reads a message posted on the union`s Facebook page. The agreement was reached during a two-day meeting that began on Thursday, September 26, between negotiators. The meeting resulted in an interim agreement of about 9.m on Saturday 28 September. United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555 said the agreement meant an end to Fred Meyer`s boycott. The Union`s Director of Communications, Kelley McAllister, did not give details of the treaty and said in a statement that the information „will be blocked until our members have verified the preliminary agreement and voted for ratification.“ The union representing Fred Meyer in Oregon and Washington reached a tentative agreement with the retailer over the weekend, ending a boycott the union had called a week earlier. The agreement will only become a treaty if the majority of the union`s members vote in favour of its ratification. The dates of these meetings have not been scheduled. EU President Kelley McAllister said ratification was usually a two- to three-week process.

Details of the agreement have not been released. EU members must ratify the agreement before it becomes official. The union said it would set the dates for the ratification meeting in the coming days. (Read the full statement from UFCW 555.) In a statement to employees, which was posted on their website, Fred Meyer said: „Fred Meyer and UFCW Local 555 have secured a preliminary agreement for a new contract for the company`s more than 10,000 employees who work in 54 stores in Oregon and southwest Washington. The union will provide details at future ratification meetings.