www.tdcanadatrust.com/document/PDF/tdvisa/tdct-tdvisa-firstclasstravel-528190.pdf TD`s unique partnership with Expedia, accelerated pay rates and the incremental structure of earning points make the Infinite TD First Class Travel Card a rewarding reflection for those who travel often. In short, be sure to read the fine print very carefully before applying for a credit card. You should also call and notify the insurer of your application, the second you know you need it. Especially if you travel enough that it is not far-fetched to believe that one day you will need to use the insurance benefits of the card. Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience! Had the same situation – booked three tickets to Europe with air Canada on January 17 for trips in July. Flights have not yet been cancelled, but can recover money minus the $300 cancellation fee. All purchased on my Visa Infinite Aeroplan TD card. I called 374-1179 and was told that I was not entitled to insurance because Air Canada offers a voucher. Very disappointed with TD Visa and its insurance. I eat the $900, but TD will no longer have a $120 annual fee.

Coverage begins on the date your trip is booked with a travel agent/supplier and extends to your scheduled departure date. Hey, Jim. Thank you for your questions. To meet your first request, although Aeroplan has recently extended the insurance it offers to flyers, non-medical insurance is not automatically covered. So your purchase wasn`t wasted. The medical care of TD cardholders who used their Aeroplan account was previously 15 days of coverage for the primary cardholder during the trip, but now it`s 21 days. I booked for a flight for myself and my husband to Tampa Florida. We cancelled because Canada asked Canada to cancel all election trips. I have a first class TD travel visa. Will my visa cover the cancellation fee My wife and I will travel to Cuba on June 2, 2018? I`m 68, my wife is 65. The trip was booked via TD expedia with points and money. I understand, we only have coverage for 4 days everyone, this is only for medical.

Approximately how much it would cost to add the additional 3-day coverage. Cheers Andy If you have been delayed due to the weather, it is likely that you are covered. Other eligible reasons are death in the immediate family and other unavoidable things such as military conflicts. You`ll find all the reasons covered in your TD pamphlet sent with the card (and by email) or online on the TD site itself. You can also call, which is anyway the first step. Good luck! This premium TD card allows travelers to redeem flexible rewards through a partnership with Expedia. Do these travel insurances apply to medical and non-medical services to additional card users? Could you clarify what „insured person“ means? Thank you „Eligible Travel Cancellation Fee […] Repayment of […] Cancellation fees for the management of travel points that were at the time the cause covered for the cancellation appeared, „In other words, you are gilded – but the regular fees and taxes that do not concern your Aeroplan points may not be covered.