The LSSC has joint agreements with many colleges and universities. The latest information on partnerships and joints is available in For more information and advice on transfer planning, consult an LSSC scientific advisor. Sign up for your MySeminoleState Student Center to determine your course fees for the semester and payment date. You can pay your tuition at any campus/business office location or online with your MySeminoleState account. The accepted payment methods are: cash, debit cards, personal cheques, American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.Note: A student`s financial support cannot come simultaneously to two schools. As a result, all transsexuals must first pay for their classes out of their own pockets. If you are entitled to an allowance, your home school will reimburse you after the add/drop period. There is a place on the FloridaShines app to indicate if you have financial assistance; If you are not applying through FloridaShines, please obtain a consortium agreement from your home institution`s grant office.

Then bring the final agreement to the Seminole State financial assistance office. Please ask all questions about financial assistance at your home school. LSSC partnered with the University of Central Florida to create the consortium agreement for higher education, also known as DirectConnect to UCF. This program offers LSSC students who obtain an A.A. diploma or selected A.S. diplomas with guaranteed admission to a bachelor`s degree at the UCF. For more information, please visit or make an appointment with DirectConnect to UCF at 352-536-2113. If you`re visiting a public/state college or university in Florida, you`re switching to the Transient Student Admission app in via the Florida Virtual Campus. If you wish to attend a non-public institution in Florida or a non-Florida institution, you must complete the Transient Student Approval form and send it to the corresponding consulting office. The councillor who signs it then sends it directly to the chancellery. UCF Outgoing Transient Students must also enter into and submit a consortium agreement with the Office of Student Financial Assistance.

. Follow the steps below to become a temporary student at Seminole State. If you have any questions about Seminole State`s authorization process, please contact the probate department. A list of frequently asked questions for temporary students is also available. Your document was received by the other institution. The processing time of transient recording documents may vary depending on the volume. Transient electronic forms are usually processed by the university within 24 to 48 hours of presentation. Temporary students are people who attend another university but temporarily enroll at Seminole State College.

For example, a student may attend Seminole State for summer classes and return to their home institution in the fall. Once your residency has been approved and you have a student ID number, visit MySeminoleState online and click „Create a new student account“ in the login field. Fill in the empty fields and click „Save.“ If you have any questions, visit MySeminoleState or call 407.708.2050. LSSC Academic Advising Services and the DegreeWorks audit tool can provide students with the requirements to take the most frequent licensing courses for LSSC students. Students should contact a university advisor to obtain an individual transfer card for those or other graduates they wish to pursue. Click here for scientific advice on the availability of dates, locations and contact numbers. You are responsible for providing documentation or taking the necessary steps for all your mission elements with „insider“ status. Lake-Sumter State College offers a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S) in organizational management.