Below are examples of how military training can be transferred as an UMA fund. An official evaluation ends when each transcript is evaluated: this course equivalency matrix provides a succinct reference guide for students interested in passing general training points from one community school to another. Although the graph is regularly updated, students are asked to confirm the information with the school where they wish to transfer their credits. Interested students who wish to determine which courses to take for a program of study before enrolling can use the Equivalency Matrix online transfer course or contact Beth Vigue, transfer officer, at the Chancery. Information and regular updates on CMCC`s response to the COVID 19 outbreak can be found on our website The TransferBlock is a defined set of general educational requirements that are transferred to all institutions at the University of Maine Systems (UMS) and Maine Community College (MECC). Students who meet all transfer block requirements have met most of their general education needs in all public schools in Maine. Maine universities may need an additional 11 credits of general education points specific to their program or a specific bachelor`s degree. However, the conclusion of the transfer block does not guarantee admission to a particular university. If you have any questions about the transfer block, please contact your cmCC study advisor. Since there are only a limited number of places available for transfer students, the minimum requirements do not guarantee admission or transfer to CMCC. Transfer applicants are obliged: CMCC may accept the transfer of credits from institutions, are accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education Canada of the Canadian Chiropractic Federation, the Council on Chiropractic Education-USA or by member institutions of the Councils for International Education of Chiropractic, under the following conditions: Central Maine Community College has formal agreements with a wide range of high schools, technology centers and adult training centres in Maine and New England.