The agreement states that the amounts are due when net income targets are exceeded. Budget gains are deducted from actual profits and a percentage of the surplus is then distributed to employees „This agreement is also important given the series of games against the United States in Melbourne in August of this year, before the Basketball World Cup in China and the Tokyo Olympics in 2020; the future harvest of Australian boomers now have a solid foundation in our national jump competition for Springboard. Harriman cited NB Liquor`s collective agreement with its employees, as bonuses must be paid. However, according to Mark Barbour, spokesman for the NPO and Cannabis, the Crown Group has never reached such an agreement with CUPE 963. When the union is certified, employer and union representatives negotiate a collective agreement that sets wages, benefits, working conditions and job security. „What is important is that this agreement reflects the need to invest in growth on and off the field to ensure that the most important part of our game – the players – is supported both as athletes and as human beings. Jacob Holmes, CEO of the Players Association, said: „This agreement absolutely sets the best conditions we have seen in the history of the NBLL and is a direct result of the collective and oriented goal shared by players and NLLs during these negotiations.“ The execution of the 53rd week had an impact on the bonus date, but would not have affected the payment under the collective agreement. In a statement released Thursday, Brian Harriman said the collective agreement with NB Liquor`s union provides for the payment of the money after a 53rd unbudgeted week of sales and profits must be included in Liquor NB`s annual accounts to correct the year-end confusion. The minimum wage for executives will increase from $38,000 four years ago to $55,000, while investments in player welfare and development will be doubled under the three-year contract. Jeremy Loeliger, Chief Executive of NBL, said: „This is a pioneering agreement that recognizes the status of the NBL as one of the best leagues in the world and recognizes players as a party and a core partner for the continued growth and success of the competition.