As separate issues of actual consent, the law allows, in certain circumstances, the discharge of contractual obligations to minors and others who do not have the legal capacity; In addition, the validity of the contract is affected if the purpose of the contract is contrary to the law of law or if it is not in the required form of a given law. A simple statement by an employer that a statement has been made is not sufficient to assure the Commission that the obligation to explain the terms of the agreement is met. To be satisfied, the Commission must take into account the content of the explanation and the manner in which it was provided, taking into account all the circumstances and needs of the workers and the nature of the amendments made by the agreement. [1] Innocent misrepresentation is a person who is made honest, with true faith in his truth and without intent to deceive the other party. By Derry v Peek (1889) 14 App Case 337, fraudulent misrepresentation is defined as someone who knowingly believes or without believing in his truth or recklessly (recklessly, if true to false) intentionally deceived. 14 Error as to the nature of the agreementA unilateral error No excuse to avoid a contract If a party signs an agreement, they are bound to it, even if they have not read it or are wrong about what it says. The signature shows the approval of the terms of the contract. If someone doesn`t speak English, they`re expected to read the contract and explain to them by someone they trust. No excuse for getting 22 undue influence from a contract If a person exposes unfair and inappropriate persuasion pressure to force another person to enter into a deal; The stronger person replaces his will with that of the weaker person. Elements An dependence relationship – one party depends on the other party because of illness, age or mental immaturity – the independent person uses excessive pressure to force a dependent person to enter into a contract – the contract benefits the independent party at the expense of the dependent party……. An enterprise agreement was really reached by the workers covered by the agreement if the Fair Work Commission is convinced: in Raffles, there was an agreement for the shipment of goods on a ship called Peerless, but each party related to another ship. As a result, each party had a different understanding of the fact that it did not communicate when the goods were to be shipped. While the contract may have the essential conditions of a valid offer, acceptance, legal intentions and consideration, its validity or applicability may be compromised by a number of factors.

The agreement may require genuine consent between the parties. In other words, even if the parties appear to be reaching an agreement, it may not have been actually reached because of the fault, pressure, injustice or fear of the parties involved. Material error: if the two parties enter into an agreement, they are indeed wrong on an issue essential to the agreement, the agreement is at the end of the contract. Impact on the Treaty Before we begin our discussion, it is important to reconsider the concepts of undated or unstable contracts at the beginning of the treaty conferences. Empty contracts are those that have no legal effect and therefore cannot be applied in court. On the other hand, unsigned contracts include those that can, as far as possible, be revoked by either party, since they have not really approved the agreement.