The Canadian Constitution recognizes and confirms existing Aboriginal rights and titles. However, in the absence of a contract, there are uncertainties as to the nature, scope and content of these rights. A negotiated agreement is a constructive way to address these issues and it is preferable that there be litigation. „tax treatment agreement,“ the tax treatment agreement covered in point 21.6.1 of the agreement, including any possible changes. Second, Canada will explore options to improve access to other instruments, outside the negotiation process, that address Aboriginal rights and promote Aboriginal economic development and self-sufficiency. If an agreement cannot be reached in a timely manner, there would be other ways to meet the aspirations of Aboriginal communities. (3) A copy of the tax treatment agreement or agreement published by the Queen`s Printer is evidence of this agreement and its content, and a copy purportedly published by the Queen`s printer is deemed published unless proven to do so. By signing a final agreement with British Columbia and Yale First Nation, Canada is gaining security with respect to the rights claimed by Yale First Nation in British Columbia. In addition, the Yale First Nation Final Agreement will integrate the Yale community into local and regional economies through provisions requiring comparable standards and taxes.

Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of the parties will reduce the likelihood of litigation and improve the business climate, opening up new investments. Yale First Nation entered the treaty in April 1994. On March 9, 2006 were representatives of Yale First Nation, BC . Canada signed an agreement in principle and the final agreement was signed on February 5, 2010. Contract negotiations with Yale First Nation were concluded when Canada, BC and Yale signed the final agreement. Yale First Nations members approved the agreement in March 2011. Bill 11 – 2011: Yale First Nations Final Agreement Act was passed in provincial law on May 18, 2011 and passed on June 2, 2011. Canada, BC and Yale First Nation signed the final agreement on April 11, 2013.