40. This agreement replaces the Canada-Alberta agreement and the Canada-Alberta labour market agreement for persons with disabilities when it came into force. On that day, those agreements will be revoked. Canada and Alberta agree that it is essential to have the performance measurement systems in place to track results and provide results on program and policy development information. The results are important. This is why these agreements involve an obligation to measure performance. This means that Canada and Alberta will be able to measure how programs increase people`s incomes, help them get time-taking jobs, and remove barriers for under-represented groups such as Aboriginal people, people with disabilities and women. The Canadian government will report to Canadians on the impact of these programs so that they are transparent and can be continually improved. Each year, the federal government makes approximately $3 billion available to provinces and territories through WDAs and LMDAs to help Canadians improve their skills and find and maintain good jobs. Through these agreements, the 2017 budget provided additional investments of up to $625 million per year between 2017 and 2023. In Budget 2017, Canada announced a commitment to make these labour market transfer agreements simpler and more flexible by consolidating them into new labour development agreements. With these agreements, the Canadian government is ensuring that programs benefit more people than before – particularly people from groups that are generally under-represented in our staff, such as people with disabilities, women and Aboriginal people.

For example, programs such as the Aboriginal Employment Training Program, the Developmental Persons for Development Disabilities program for the preparation and placement of the workforce and women`s Building Futures – which helps more women develop their careers in crafts – are again funded by the agreements announced today. As innovation and technology continue to change our lives and work, Alberta and all Canadians face new challenges and opportunities. These government investments in the employment and skills of Alberta`s workforce to prepare for the good, well-paying Canadian jobs created by Alberta`s growing economy. Everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from an innovation-driven economy – which means that both workers and the unemployed have the opportunity to acquire the skills they need for today`s jobs and for tomorrow`s jobs.