By the time the tenant moves into the rented premises or moves into the premises for rent, there is already an oral agreement. Although the oral agreement is valid and binding, it is strongly recommended that a written agreement be reached. If you don`t have a written agreement, you`ll probably end up with undue hardship and damage that could have been avoided. These are the main obligations to which landlords and tenants are bound by a rental agreement in Mauricie. There are additional conditions related to contracting, the departure of the tenant and disagreements between the two parties. To learn more, you have two options: consult a real estate professional and refer to the official legislation on real estate rentals. Park Lane Properties, a real estate agency specializing in renting houses, apartments, offices and commercial premises, assists tenants and landlords in signing leases. Park Lane Properties also offers a rental management service for the benefit of the landlord and tenant. When the tenant decides to terminate the lease, there is usually a 3-month period that is included in the contract.

Most contracts would cover a period during which both parties would be defined in the lease and could not terminate each other unless one of the parties was not late to meet one of the terms of the lease. In many cases, the tenant will rent the premises through a real estate agency mandated by the owner to rent the property on his behalf. In other cases, the tenant will rent the premises directly through the owner of the property. However, one of the tenants must have a written lease in Mauricie. Often, there is only one oral agreement that is still valid, but which causes unwarranted problems in the event of a dispute. The tenant is entitled to a house in good use and repair. These include the apartment itself and its contents, such as cabinets, appliances, furniture, etc.