I would like to formally apply for a (6-12) month`s sabbatical due to a family emergency. If possible, I would like the working holidays in ——, with a return date of ——. Thecareerbreaksite.com: „How to ask for a sabbatical and make sure you have one!“ In general, however, sabbaticals provide employees with the opportunity to undergo specialized training or training to improve skills or knowledge. Overall, the time required to implement a leave agreement is significantly less than the time and grief (not to mention costs) is the trial of a problem that could have been dealt with in a written agreement executed. Normally, we expect you to return to your position (or equivalent) at the end of your sabbatical. If our company is required to lay off employees during the sabbatical (z.B. if the subsidiary closes, we will comply with the legal requirements for redundancy and severance pay. We will also pay for all accumulated leave and sick leave. If you plan to take leave of absence from the job, a leave contract protects you and your position in the company. Absence contracts are contracts. You are a written guarantee that you will not lose your job, seniority or place in the company because of your leave. In the case of longer leave, a leave agreement should include both the start date and the expected end date of the leave. If the duration of the holiday is uncertain, for example.

B in case of health, an end date should always be included, with all extensions of the language. First of all, it is important that you do your research and find out about your employer`s policy regarding sabbaticals. If possible, the agreement should look at alternatives. Will the employer offer them the next available position? Does the employer intend to consider them for the next available position without an application? Both the employer and the worker should be aware of the benefits and potential risks that come with it. Reducing leave contracts to the letter protects both employers and workers. However, there is no reason to apply a leave agreement in all situations where an employee must take leave.