If a contract in which you are involved has been breached, you should speak immediately to a lawyer of the Plymouth meeting contract. The remedies available to you vary depending on whether this is a substantial offence or not. Your lawyer will help you access the essentials of the violation and help you follow the best remedy for your situation. What is a „material offence“? The term „substantial violation“ has no legal value unless a contract is entered into. Otherwise, the significance of a particular case is determined by the courts by taking into account factors, including the intent of the parties who used the phrase in an agreement. Whether it is a non-substantial or material offence, we can also help to take appropriate legal action to remedy it. For more information, contact us today to speak to a contract litigation lawyer at Plymouth Meeting. An example can occur when someone buys a house. If the buyer concludes all the necessary papers, pays the seller at the closing, but the seller suddenly decides not to sell the deed and keys to the house or refuses to give up, then this would be considered a substantial violation of the contract. In the first case, there is a real offence. The second two species are violations of the future performance of the contract and are technically classified as breaches of the waiver. The defaulting party waives the contract before the date on which it is required to meet its obligations.

Violation of the waiver is more often referred to as „injury to anticipation.“ As the name suggests, a substantial violation or total violation is a serious violation of the terms of the contract. While it usually only harms one of the parties to the contract, it can often violate both parties, because it generally makes the terms of the contract extremely difficult to almost impossible. The courts have held that a number of minor offences may constitute a substantial offence. Orange County Business Attorneys at Brown-Charbonneau, LLP can help any person or company that has entered into a contract and believes that the contract has been breached.