Differences in data contracts around the world can be both significant and subtle. The impact on policies and licences may not be immediately clear. This contract only allows the internal use of Euronext`s real-time market data. If you wish to continue to distribute real-time and/or deferred market data to third parties, please contact EMDA. EMDA and EDSA were launched on September 1, 2017 for new real-time market data customers. In 2018/2019, existing customers will be migrated at different stages to the new market data licensing agreements. If you are still subject to one of Euronext`s old market data licensing agreements, click here for the contractual documents relating to these agreements. However, please note that you are entering EMDA or EDSA as soon as possible. If you are interested in signing a market data licensing agreement with Euronext, please contact us by phone or email at databyeuronext@euronext.com and we will continue to help you. EMDA is Euronext`s main market licensing agreement. This presentation of the enumeration points is intended to provide a quick checklist of important points to watch for when auditing a market data contract.

You want to receive euronext market data in real time via a data stream from a redistributor (for example. B data providers) and use them exclusively for your own (internal) purposes. For more information on ordering real-time market data, see > Order Data. The terms and conditions applicable to subscribers apply to all those who receive Euronext market data from a data seller (e.g.B. data provider, broker) for internal use. Our market licensing managers support the following regions: Market data policy defines the purposes and modes of use of Moscow Exchange data, the types of data use agreements that a user must enter into with the Moscow Stock Exchange for specific purposes, including for the subsequent dissemination of data to interested third parties, for the use of data in algotrading and risk management systems (non-screen systems), for the use of data for the production of derivative data (indexes, price engines, etc.). You are a member of commerce who wants real-time market data from an extranet service provider (ESP) or an application service provider (ASP). Whether you`re implementing a new data product from Nasdaq or have questions about your existing account, this site is the single point of contact for all your administrative requirements. Contracting authors generally work within their internal market and legal system, which means that different things can be interpreted.