The goal of the MAHA, which allows advanced player contracts before teamtryouts, is to speed up membership planning for the 2020-21 season. It is also an attempt to significantly reduce stress for participants and families, where they will play next season. Under these conditions, ALL advanced player agreements are subject to the following conditions: TIER I – II YOUTH – GIRLS 10U – 19U – June 15, 2020 2) Teams are required to comply with all local and governmental policies imposed on their destination. It is the team`s responsibility to identify these guidelines and implement them accordingly. In addition, please continue to pay attention to group meetings off the ice and practice risk reduction strategies outside the state and in good condition. The gradual reopening of Michigan`s business is causing many challenges, as we launch a new hockey season. In particular, the potentially sporadic re-opening of the rinks in Michigan hinders our ability to consolidate a schedule for team tryouts. This can delay the process of forming a team. Ultimately, our goal was to create balanced solutions based on direct participation in our maha task force as well as the contributions of our leagues, clubs and institutions. As of the date of this publication, the Executive Committee authorizes its Tier I, Tier II and Union member clubs to begin bidding on player agreements in accordance with the schedule listed below. On behalf of the Michigan Amateur Hockey Association, we thank you for your patience at this unusual time – and look forward to seeing you again soon on your local ice rink! The Michigan Amateur Hockey Association continues to send its best wishes to the families of our hockey community.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, as we continue to navigate the COVID 19 pandemic together. We recognize that this unprecedented period has resulted in significant delays in planning a 2020-21 hockey season. While we are waiting for another direction in terms of a possible return to the rink, the MAHA would like to share some updates on some of the proactive guidelines we have set out to advance the seasonal planning process. If a team violates the break, the board will hold a hearing for the club and not for the head coach. The discussion on the MAHA Executive Phone Call Tuesday night was when a team injured the break, the whole club this season can not participate in districts/states. Please let your coaches know. Maha was different when teams hired an external coach to lead an exercise. MAHA is very serious with the next 3 weeks, if a team is on the ice with a coach, paid or not, the club will be held responsible.