For many sectors heavily dependent on manufacturing, the agreement, as envisaged, means exiting the customs union and the internal market, inevitably tariffs, which inevitably means less production and fewer jobs in these sectors. The government submits a delegated memorandum for all public bills (including hybrids) to justify the delegation of powers, usually to ministers, in the bill. We promised to take back control. All Conservative MPs were elected in a manifesto to leave the single market, leave the customs union and leave the mission of the European Court of Justice. Does this bill do business? It`s a start. It`s a very good start. That would be my verdict. There are a lot of things in there that I don`t like, but it sets the process in motion so that we have what we promised people. Compatibility with the Good Friday Agreement was only vaguely achieved by effectively keeping Northern Ireland in the customs union and in the internal market, thus ending the economic coherence of the British state. Far from eliminating the backstop, as the British government and the Prime Minister claim, it is now being implemented as a policy in the Northern Ireland Withdrawal Agreement – a frontal stop, as some have said.

In my country, people ask, „If it`s good enough for Northern Ireland, why isn`t it good enough for Wales?“ Some say there is not enough time to debate the bill. My right-wing friend Rory Stewart said he wanted there to be three more days to debate it, but as the Institute of Government has said, there are a few for which no debate will be enough. There is also the Leader of the Opposition, who said that his main concern was the serious threat to production because it was not in a customs union. That is why it should support both the second reading bill and the programme proposal, table an amendment in committee and, if that does not work, include it in the Labour Party manifesto, campaign in an election, form the next government and negotiate that in the free trade agreement. The fact is that the customs union, let alone the NHS, has nothing to do with the law. The manufacturers I know are much more concerned about what the Leader of the Opposition and the Shadow Chancellor are going to do to them than the agreement. For 11 months, the UK will continue to comply with all EU rules and rules, it will remain in the internal market and customs union, and the free movement of people will continue. Accept my right. Freund accepts that, until recently, there was no proposal that England, Scotland and Wales would enter their customs union and internal market and that the whole of Ireland, including Northern Ireland, would enter an internal market and customs union with the European continent? The current Prime Minister expressly excluded him just a few months ago.