The structuring of the ownership and operation of corporate aircraft can be complex and varies considerably from aircraft to aircraft. To avoid inefficient and illegal transactions, corporate advisors will want to hire a corporate aviation lawyer to reduce costs, ensure FAA compliance and create added value by creating a custom operating structure for enterprise aircraft. The additional 100% of the expenses covered in paragraph (d) (1) (Article #10) is intended to cover all expenses not mentioned. Current expenses that are not mentioned are insurance premiums, occupancy costs and hourly maintenance costs. The FAA recognized this when the regulations were passed in its publication of the federal registry. Flights under a part-time collective agreement may be subject to a federal consumption tax (TSF). For information on this tax, members should access the NBAA web resource on IRS commercial transportation taxes for Part 91 flights. For all three options, Company X should have operational control of the aircraft for flights. According to the INTERPRETATION of the FAA Austin – (2009) of June 12, 2009, when an aircraft is operated under a time-sharing agreement, the FAA believes that operational control will remain in the hands of the person who puts the aircraft and flight crew next to the other party. 1. Subject to the terms of this contract The owner agrees to: to rent the aircraft to the tenant for the personal trip of Velours153 at the discretion of the sending date 153, in accordance with the provisions of Far 91.501 (c) (1), and to provide a fully qualified flight crew for all flights scheduled under the terms of this agreement during the period from the date of this agreement and terminating the prior termination of this agreement with the agreement of the owner and Lake Lessee. (b) the termination date of the tenant`s employment relationship 153 with the landlord and c) the date of the tenant`s death153.

The owner has the right to add or replace aircraft of the same nature, quality and equipment from time to time during this agreement, and to remove aircraft from the fleet from time to time. The landlord must send the tenant a revised A-exposure with each modification of the aircraft.