Agreement In Indonesian Language

Recommended approach. In the light of the explanation in Article 31(2) of Law 24, our position remains that the best interpretation is that the Indonesian version and the foreign language version should be equivalent. However, we recommend being especially careful in preparing the Indo

Agreement Co Oznacza

But they haven`t done anything for more than three months to get a new deal. Jeśli chodzi o umowy, zapewne część z Was zna bardzo popularny skrót SPA – Share Purchase Agreement. Natomiast skrót CBA w Legal English może oznaczać Collective Bargaining Agreement. Zwróćcie

Advising On P2P Agreements Rao

In Budget 2014, the government announced that it would introduce the ISA (IFISA), which would allow P2P credit agreements to be included in an ISA tax liquidator. At the same time, consultation on P2P agreements would become a regulated activity. Consultation on P2P agreementsThe Envir