California Ironworkers Master Agreement

The employment contracts are available below in pdf format, visible with (free) Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click on the document to open. You can view, print and/or save this file. . . . . – MOU – First modification of the additional sick leave paid for as a result of COVID-19 .

Business Sale Agreement Template Australia

A purchase of terms and conditions is used to document the sale of assets or shares of a company. The parties to a business sale contract are the owner (seller) and the physical or commercial entity to which the assets or shares are transferred (buyers). Businesses can vary considerabl

Boundary Agreement Letter

Even if cross-border agreements are written down, you should exercise caution. Their impact on rights holders is not clear. In addition, the parties could consider transferring the land in question and registering it with the land registry. However, in both cases, the country`s borders

Blank Confidentiality Agreement

Depending on the type of transaction, the relationship and the information that is indicated, each NOA at the end is different. There are additional clauses that you want to include in your own confidentiality agreement: in all agreements, it is best to define exactly what confidential